John Dave

John Dave

What Can Baby Goats Eat? Is Hay ok? Grain?

What Can Baby Goats Eat?

As a lifelong goat owner, I’ve raised countless happy, healthy kids by following optimal feeding guidelines. There’s much more nuance to it than simply giving them milk. Read on for a comprehensive guide to baby goat nutrition. Baby goats can…

How to Keep Chickens Quiet (Proven Strategies)

How to Keep Chickens Quiet

As a first-time chicken owner, I was unprepared for just how noisy chickens can be. I naively thought that only roosters made noise with their loud crowing. However, I quickly learned that hens can get quite noisy as well, especially…

Best Farm Animals For Pets: Kids-Friendly Farm Animals

Best Farm Animals For Pets

Raising farm animals as pets can be an incredibly rewarding experience for kids. Not only are many farm animals naturally gentle and kid-friendly, caring for them helps teach children responsibility and compassion. Farm animals also allow kids to learn about…

Why Do Pigs Have Curly Tails? Explained

Why Do Pigs Have Curly Tails?

Pigs are becoming increasingly popular as pets. With their intelligence, sociability, and charm, more and more people are welcoming pigs into their homes. As pig popularity rises, interest in their unique features – like their curly tails – also increases.…

Can Goats and Pigs Live Together?

Can Goats and Pigs Live Together

Raising goats and pigs together on a small farm or homestead can seem like a convenient and efficient way to produce meat, milk, and manure. However, goats and pigs have very different needs when it comes to housing, feeding, health…